what is quiet luxury? all about the biggest 2023 fashion trend

Posted on 17 August 2023

if you're anything like us (iconic, on-trend, hot, etc), then your social media feeds are full of the “quiet luxury ” aesthetic. we’re talking well-tailored wardrobes with old-money vibes. we’re talking sophia richie and gwyneth paltrow. we’re talking about looking rich, but not in-your-face-giving-us-the-ick rich, you know?

essentially, “quiet luxury” is about looking “luxe” but doing so in an understated, minimalistic way. it really comes down to wearing timeless pieces that offer a subtle air of sophistication. however, this doesn’t mean you need to break the bank and ball out on designer pieces. (unless you, like, want to ??) you can still embrace the quiet luxury trend by simply choosing high-quality, classic pieces and styling them the right way. let’s get into it.


Quiet luxury tops and blouses


 the foundation of any quiet luxury wardrobe should be comprised of timeless basics + blouses. so, we suggest starting with a well-fitted white tee. the lotus top is our fave for going the chic and cropped route, while the breathe in tee is our boxy bestie. pick your favorite fit and make sure you keep your tee clean and crisp, (unfortunately, “wrinkles” and “wealth” do not vibe).


once you’ve landed on your basic white tee, it’s time to find your not-so-basic white blouse. blouses are our go-to for elevating any outfit because they’re sophisticated but in a non-threatening way. our mayflower blouse and our lillian blouse basically whisper romantic + rich. (we wanted to say “scream,” but that wouldn’t be very “quiet luxury” of us). 


Blazers and quiet luxury outfit ideas


blazers, trousers, + power suits are some other important elements of this trend. there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your body type + style preferences. if you don’t really vibe with “menswear,” you can opt for pieces with a feminine flair like a cropped blazer or a pair of linen trousers.


quiet luxury dresses and other outfit ideas


every quiet luxury wardrobe needs an lwd, (a little white dress, duh). but don’t get too hung up on the term, “little,” because chic maxi dresses and midi dresses are still allowed. you can never go wrong with a collared dress or a puff sleeve midi dress, but if we have to play favorites, our evelyn dress and our getaway set are the quiet luxury ladies. 


we’ve said “quiet luxury” so many times that it no longer sounds real, (aka: it’s time to wrap this up). hopefully, you learned something new today or at least found an excuse to treat yourself to a little luxury. we’ll make sure to clue you in on the next big trend, so keep following us to stay up to date. xo, zoco.

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