fall 2023 fashion trend report

Posted on 08 August 2023

warning: you are not prepared for how groundbreaking the fall fashion trends are this year. fortunately, we are (duh). in fact, we’re so prepared that we started planning our fall 2023 collections long before our summer tans came in.


after lots of runway research + super-professional forecasting, we’ve narrowed down the best fashion trends for fall 2023. since we hate keeping things from you, we’re spilling it all right here, right now. 

but that’s not even the best part– we’ve been dropping small doses of these trends for weeks in anticipation of autumn. why? because we love you. and because, legally, zoco hunnies get to start shopping for fall fits before everyone else. 

so, keep scrolling for a breakdown of the top fall 2023 trends to add to your closet. (and keep following us to stay up to date on all future zoco fall clothing drops!)

business core 

fall 2023 fashion trends - business core

it’s time to add “sophisticated neutrals” + “quiet luxury” into your vocabulary because this season is bringing all the business casual vibes (à la sofia richie). structured silhouettes, power suits, + pencil skirts will be taking over in fall/winter 2023 + we’re not mad about it. 

you can go all out with full business-savvy sets, (our pink work it out set is a total head-turner). or, you can incorporate pieces here + there to get a similar effect. from cropped blazers + wide-leg trousers to collared dresses + loafers, there are plenty of ways to go all business-core baddie.

y2k rewind

y2k aesthetic fashion trend for fall 2023

nostalgic styles have been back for a while now, but the 90s/2000s aesthetic is only getting bigger + better. meaning, you’re gonna continue seeing lots of fit + flared lines, metallic textures, + low-waisted silhouettes this fall. 


we have an unhealthy obsession with denim maxi + midi skirts, so we’re repping the y2k aesthetic with our ari denim maxi skirt or our willa cargo skirt. baby tees, slip dresses, + chunky accessories are also totally y2k chic. when in doubt, google “paris hilton 2000s outfits” + go from there. 


oh, and fyi: the growth of the y2k trend means that a 2010’s fashion resurgence is drawing near, so don’t be alarmed if you start seeing some peplum silhouettes + high low hemlines. (kinda fun but kinda scary because we still have some chevron-induced trauma to work through– iykyk). 

red realness

red for fall 2023 fashion

we meant it when we say that fall 2023 fashion is gonna hit different. while it’s traditionally the season for earthy, neutral tones, this autumn is gonna be black + white + red all over. (except without the black + white part.. like, it’s just gonna be red all over).


we’re seeing lots of burgundy, maroon, + cherry red in your fall future. if you’re already big on rocking red, you can keep it up with statement red dresses, coats, sweaters + tees. if you’d rather sport something subtler, a red bag or even a cherry red lip will do the trick for this trend. 

sheer appeal

sheer clothing for fall 2023 fashion

don’t even think about saying goodbye to your sheer summer staples, because you’re taking them with you into fall 2023. despite the inevitable temp drop, sheer clothing pieces like lacy crop tops + tulle dresses are sticking around this season. 


our isabella top is a fab example of a sheer clothing piece that can hang in both summer + fall. if you’re worried about freezing, throw on a jacket + some interesting layers to keep warm + elevate the entire look. 

that just about wraps up our fall 2023 trend report. but don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened, (+ because the zoco fall fun has only just begun)! stay tuned for all of the fall collections + content that await.

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