june mood board

Posted on 10 June 2022

June summer moodboard.  Summer outfits and summer nights.


a new month means new beginnings. our favorite way to start off the month is setting goals for what + where we want to be. one of the best ways to do this is to create a mood board for the vibe + tone of what you want. 

what is a mood board? 

a mood board collection of images or visual materials that help communiacte a concept or idea. you can use a mood board to set the tone for anything. whether it is interior design for a room, ideas for an outfit, or what you are envisioning for a project. however, we love to use mood boards for inspiration. they help show us what + where we want to be.

getting started

the best way to start a mood board is to find things that you find inspiring. you can look up things that inspire you or the "vibe" you want to set. one of our favorite places to find inspiration is pinterest.  in our opinion, it is the best search engine. type in a few keywords of what you are wanting and it will come up with so many options. you can also look up different peoples profiles if you like their vibe. if you are looking for somewhere to start, you can follow us below!

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our june mood board

for this month, we wanted to get outdoors, get organized, and prioritize ourselves.  We started out by looking up things that we picture when we think of this such as “beach vacation” or “outdoors”. these are places that we picture ourselves when we think of being outside. next up, one of our goals for this month was to get organized.  with the change of season it is always refreshing to get everything in its place.  this always helps us feel less stressed and have a sense of order. for this we looked up words such as “tidying up” and then chose images that fit our aesthetic. next, we wanted to spend some time this month focusing on ourselves.  we looked up things such as “selfcare”, “alone time”. we always feel our best in a cute outfit, so we made sure to add in some photos for outfit inspo as well.

once you find images that you love + make you excited, start putting them together.  It is always fun to layer things to give them a unique look. next, put this somewhere you look at often.  whether that is hanging it up in your room, making it your screensaver, or at your work desk. that way when you see it, you will be reminded of the goals and mood you have set for this month. let us know the goals that you are setting for this month below!



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