effortless denim jacket ideas for every season

Posted on 16 October 2023

it's safe to say that the oversized denim jacket will be a style staple forever. a timeless classic loved by all, it’s basically the beyoncé of outerwear. 

since it’s a piece with endless outfit opportunities, it’s crucial to have one in the perfect wash, fit, + length. so, we made it our mission to create the ultimate denim jacket. cue: the serendipity

oversized with vintage vibes, the zoco exclusive serendipity denim jacket is our wear-everywhere girl. whether you want to elevate a basic outfit or recreate a 90s aesthetic ensemble, the serendipity is full of ways to slay. 

our “denim outfit inspo” obsession isn’t going anywhere, so we thought we’d share our favorite ways to wear our sweet serendipity. so, without further ado, here’s how to style an oversized denim jacket for every season.


elegant + edgy


denim jacket outfit ideas.

pictured: serendipity denim jacket + paramore button up dress + essential chelsea boots // free people


dresses + denim jackets were a match made in fashion heaven. throwing a slouchy denim jacket over a flowy mini dress will instantly add a stylish edge to the entire look. this is a fab way to turn your summer dresses into fall outfit fuel. finish it off with a pair of boots + chunky accessories, + you’ll be ready for anything from date nights to bridal showers. 


denim on denim


denim on denim outfit ideas

pictured: serendipity denim jacket + rule breaker denim


some call it the canadian tuxedo, we call it the zoco hunny uniform. a denim on denim outfit is chic + sleek, (when it’s done correctly, that is). start by finding a pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt in the same wash as your denim jacket. then, add a basic top, like a plain white tank or a black bodysuit. make sure your shoes have the same vibe as your top + you’ll have the most iconic casual denim jacket outfit.


monochromatic moment


denim jacket outfit idea.

pictured: serendipity denim jacket + lotti tank + monty wide leg pants


since we consider “denim” a neutral, you can wear our serendipity with any color combination. however, we think it looks the most striking when paired with white or nude-colored clothing. a cropped white tank + neutral bottoms are our go-to ensemble for spring + summer, so we’ll just throw on the serendipity to make the outfit fall // winter-ready. 

needless to say, our serendipity denim jacket will have your back through every season, situation, + occasion. for more fab outfit ideas (and all things iconic), follow us on instagram.


xo, zoco.


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