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Posted on 05 June 2024

denim is a girl’s best friend, + we will gladly debate anyone who disagrees. from your trusty pair of jeans to your ride-or-die denim jacket, it’s a timeless textile that will never go out of style. but, have you ever met denim’s charming cousin? if not, allow us to introduce you to : the denim dress. 

full of versatility + endless styling possibilities, a good denim dress is your wardrobe's secret weapon. you can dress it up + down + wear it over + over again for every casual outfit endeavor. oh, + the best part : there are tons of options out there. from dreamy puff sleeve denim dresses to flirty denim midi dresses, you’re bound to find one you’re obsessed with. 

since we love helping hunnies bring cute outfit ideas to life, we’ve rounded up the best denim dresses for every occasion. whether you’re looking for a summer date night ensemble or a fall family pics fit, these denim darlings are here to slay the day.

denim midi dresses // long denim dresses

we’d like to take a moment to thank the 2024 fashion trends for bringing back the denim midi dress. the swiss army knife of denim, its knee-to-calf length strikes the perfect balance—not too short + not too long—making it suitable for just about anything. 

so, if you’re wondering whether a denim dress is work appropriate, or if it’s dressy enough for a formal-ish event; the answer is yes, bb. and here’s proof. 



fun fact : all of the best midi denim dresses are form-fitting + figure-snatching. it’s science. the darla denim midi dress is one of our faves because it can be dressed up + down with ease. it has a dark wash + square neckline so it feels a bit more elevated than your typical denim situation. (meaning it was practically made for work days + all things ‘profesh’). 



we thought the zoco dress scene couldn’t get any better, but then the sara beth denim midi dress came along + said : “hold my drink.” she’s an elevated denim midi dress with sleeves, but don’t get it twisted. while the modest silhouette says ‘business casual,’ the flirty v-neckline says, ‘sexy siren.’  


oh, + did we mention this denim midi dress with puff sleeves has a twin? the sara beth denim midi dress // white brings the same it-girl energy but with a sophisticated flair. it’s our go-to for graduations, bridal showers, + everything in between.


if you prefer a maxi moment, the perry denim maxi dress is the way to go. a y2k // 90s aesthetic dream, it features a unique acid wash + a trendy longline bodice. it makes the perfect concert outfit, date night outfit, + ‘chillin'-at-home-but-still-wanna-look-cute’ outfit. 

denim mini dresses // short denim dresses

if you’re after something short + sweet, these mid-length // mini denim dresses are for you, boo. short denim dresses are the perfect blend of playful + chic. their shorter length makes them a breezy option for hot summer days, while still providing that quintessential denim durability. 

whether you’re going for a classic A-line, a bodycon fit, or something with a bit of frill + flair, a denim mini dress is a versatile piece that can be as laid-back or as dressed-up as you want it to be. let’s break it down : 


puff sleeves are our love language, so we fall head over heels for a good denim puff sleeve dress. the perfect combination of effortless + elevated, our ari denim mini dress is our ‘wear everywhere’ girl. you can keep things casual with a pair of sneakers, or dress it up with heels or knee-high boots. 


if you like the idea of a denim dress with puff sleeves but want something subtler, meet : the darcy dress // denim *zoco exclusive.*  this denim darling features the same flirty shape with softer puff sleeves + a casual feel. it’s the perfect denim mini dress for summer festivals, spontaneous beach trips, + all things fun + free. 

we hope we’ve helped you find your new denim dress bestie. be sure to check out the rest of our collection for more iconic zoco dresses. oh, + don’t forget to follow us on pinterest + instagram, to stay up to date on all the best outfit ideas.



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